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Returns and complaints

Returns and complaints

How to Return or Exchange a Purchased Product?

Consumers who have entered into a distance contract can withdraw from it without stating a reason by submitting a relevant written statement within 14 days. The 14-day period during which the consumer can withdraw from the contract is counted from the day of receiving the item. To meet this deadline, it is sufficient to send the statement before its expiration or include it in the package with the returned goods.

For efficient processing, please label the returned goods with the return number: RMZ. This number can be obtained from the merchant fulfilling the order. The RMZ number should be clearly described in a visible place on the package, as packages without an RMZ number may not be accepted.

The returned goods must not show signs of use. According to the law, the returned goods must be in an unchanged condition unless any change was necessary. The return of the goods to the seller should take place promptly, no later than within 14 days from the moment of withdrawing from the purchase/sale agreement. The return occurs upon written confirmation of the seller receiving the goods. Along with the returned goods, the customer should return any products/services received for free or at a preferential price as a condition or consequence of purchasing the returned goods.

In a situation where the customer decides to return the goods by providing a written declaration and when all the above provisions are fully met, the purchase-sale agreement is considered void, and the customer will be issued a corrective invoice for the purchase document. After the customer sends back the signed copy of the corrective invoice, the amount will be refunded, constituting the value of the purchased goods minus the delivery costs if borne by the online store, and any other costs related to the delivery and handling of the goods as indicated by the store. In case of a quantitative correction of the goods, the online store reserves the right to issue a new invoice for services related to the delivery and return of the goods, if borne by the online store.

Upon receiving the package, the customer should thoroughly inspect the package and the received goods and immediately inform the seller about any defects. If the goods were damaged at the time of receipt, it should be documented with the courier present, and the damaged goods should be returned to the address: PKB Sp. z o.o. Sp.K., ul. Solec 18 lok. B21, 00-410 Warsaw, at the expense of the online store, or the package should not be accepted.

The online store does not employ a policy of substitute goods.