MIHEL EP500 MAX DE 3in1 - innovative additive for diesel engines

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Innovative, versatile engine oil additive with high effectiveness. It safeguards diesel engines from wear, reduces friction, and enhances the functionality of all mechanisms. Its formulation includes serpentinite, which fills and smooths the metal structure, simultaneously revitalizing its surface. It's compatible with any engine oil and suitable for diesel engines equipped with catalytic converters and DPF.

A three-phase action product.

We recommend using it with every oil change.

A unique three-phase composition with a broad spectrum of action:

NANO PROTECTION庐 revitalizer
It contains serpentinite, which forms a hard, wear-resistant coating on metal surfaces. It eliminates micro-damages and deficiencies, improving the durability and resilience of engine components.
Friction modifier
Reduces frictional resistance in the engine, ensuring smooth sliding between its components.
Metal conditioner
At a molecular level, it penetrates the metal lattice structure, strengthening its bonds.



Why is it worth using?

Regenerates and protects the engine and its mechanisms from wear Forms a durable protective layer with very low friction coefficients and high resistance Facilitates engine start-up and protects it from the phenomenon of 'dry start' Improves compression pressure in the cylinders Reduces oil consumption Equalizes and silences engine operation Reduces the risk of breakdowns Decreases fuel consumption Increases power and torque Enhances engine efficiency and dynamics

    Usage instructions

    Usage instructions
    Step 1
    Before use, shake the container to ensure proper mixing of the product inside the bottle
    Step 2
    Pour the contents of the bottle into the engine oil filler cap of the previously warmed engine
    Step 3
    Start the engine and let it run for at least 10 minutes to ensure the product spreads thoroughly throughout the lubrication system
    Step 4
    Drive a minimum of 1000 kilometers to achieve the maximum effectiveness of the product. The required interval can be covered in several stages
    MIHEL EP500 MAX DE 3in1