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MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9100 LSPI 5W30

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Synthetic Oil with Nanoceramic Technology

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9100 LSPI 5W30 represents the latest achievement in lubricant technology. Due to its unique technology combining base oils and an additive package alongside nanoceramic components, this oil boasts significantly superior physicochemical properties compared to traditional engine oils.


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MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9100 LSPI

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9100 LSPI

Ceramic Oil Ensuring Peak Performance

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9100 LSPI 5W30 is an advanced formula designed to deliver maximum performance for your engine. From the first seconds after startup, it ensures lubrication reaches all engine components, providing immediate ignition even in extremely low temperatures. It shields modern, high-performance designs from wear even in extreme operating conditions.

The low-ash technology prolongs the lifespan of DPF (diesel particulate filters), maintains the entire engine lubrication system's cleanliness, and provides corrosion protection even with extended engine intervals. The technology applied in this oil helps reduce operating costs and ensures compliance with the highest requirements and restrictions of engine manufacturers.

Highest Level of Protection

The oil utilizes the innovative properties of nanoceramics to smooth the rubbing surfaces of the engine, reducing friction and wear, thus improving mechanical efficiency. Advanced additive packages in MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9100 LSPI 5W30 ensure engine cleanliness and the most durable oil film. Its high ignition temperature limits oxidation and oil consumption in extreme temperatures and under conditions of increased engine operation.

It protects against LSPI (low-speed pre-ignition) and safeguards the timing chain from wear.

Specifications and Approvals

API SP, SP RC, SN, SN plus, CF
MB 229.3
VW 502 00/505 00
RN 0700/0710
Chrysler MS-5395

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