MIHEL EP500 AT - dodatek do automatycznej skrzyni bieg贸w

MIHEL EP500 AT - an additive for automatic transmissions

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An extremely effective product designed to protect and revitalize automatic transmissions.

Its innovative formula, composed of intelligent nanoparticles with high surface activity, creates a durable and stable ceramic-metal protective coating on the metal structure. This coating has low resistance coefficients and excellent thermal conductivity properties, significantly reducing friction and providing continuous component protection, practically eliminating their wear process.

Regular use significantly extends the lifespan of transmissions. Recommended for all types of automatic transmissions, including tiptronic, steptronic, and CVT.

Guarantees protection for 75,000 miles / 120,000 km.

Contains serpentinite with revitalizing properties for metal surfaces.

Why is it worth using?

Facilitates gear shifting and synchronizer operation Quiets and stabilizes gearbox mechanisms Reduces jerking during gear changes Eliminates vibrations and noise Revitalizes and prolongs transmission lifespan Reduces the risk of malfunctions Strengthens the external surface of metal components and slows down their wear process Creates a long-lasting protective layer with very low friction coefficients and high resistance

    Usage instructions

    Usage instructions
    Step 1
    The application of the additive should be conducted according to the table available on the back of the product packaging. The dosage should always be adjusted according to the amount of oil in the system.
    Step 2
    The appropriately measured amount of the product, based on the quantity of oil in the gearbox, should be applied to the transmission oil fill. It's important to ensure that the oil reaches its operating temperature before carrying out this procedure.
    Step 3
    After applying the product, tighten the gearbox oil fill cap. Then, drive 30-50 km (18-31 miles), accelerating and decelerating the vehicle several times to allow the gearbox to operate in each gear. After this procedure, the vehicle can be operated normally.
    Step 4
    Full protection of the automatic transmission will occur after driving 10,000 km / 6,500 miles from the application.
    Product dosage

    Product dosage

    4-8 liters
    1 dose
    8-12 liters
    2 doses
    12-16 liters
    3 doses
    MIHEL EP500 AT