MIHEL EP500 PEC - dodatek do oleju w silniku benzynowym (samochody klasyczne)

MIHEL EP500 PEC - for classic gasoline engines

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An exceptionally effective product designed to protect and revitalize classic gasoline engines.

Its innovative formula, featuring intelligent nanoparticles with high surface activity, creates a durable and stable ceramic-metal protective coating on the metal structure. This coating has low resistance coefficients and excellent thermal conductivity properties, significantly reducing friction and providing continuous component protection, practically eliminating their wear process. Suitable for vehicles with mileage greater than 62,000 miles / 100,000 km.

Regular use significantly extends the engine's lifespan.

Guarantees protection for 75,000 miles / 120,000 km.

Contains serpentinite with revitalizing properties for metal surfaces.

Why is it worth using?

Regenerates and protects the engine and its mechanisms from wear Creates a durable protective layer with very low friction coefficients and high resistance Facilitates startup and shields the engine from dry starts Improves compression pressure in the cylinders Reduces oil consumption Balances and silences the engine's operation Decreases the risk of malfunctions Lowers fuel consumption Increases power and torque Improves engine efficiency and dynamics

    Usage instructions

    Usage instructions
    Step 1
    Application of the additive should follow the table available on the back of the product packaging. The dosage should always be determined based on the car's mileage and the quantity of oil. It's recommended to apply the stages every 1000 km / 650 miles. Do not exceed the recommended doses!
    Step 2
    Apply the appropriately measured amount of the product based on the car's mileage and the quantity of oil in the engine to the engine oil fill. It's important to ensure that the oil reaches its operating temperature before carrying out this procedure.
    Step 3
    After applying the product, tighten the oil fill cap and run the engine for 30 minutes. After this procedure, the vehicle can be operated normally.
    Step 4
    If the doses are divided into stages, they should be applied consecutively after driving 1000 km / 650 miles.
    Step 5
    Full protection of the engine will occur after driving 1000 km / 650 miles from the last application.
    Product dosage

    Product dosage

    2-10 liters
    Mileage 100,000-300,000 km: 0,5 dose x2 Mileage above 300,000 km: 1 dose x2
    10-20 liters
    Mileage 100,000-300,000 km: 1 dose x2 Mileage above 300,000 km: 1 dose x3
    20-30 liters
    Mileage 100,000-300,000 km: 1 dose x3 Mileage above 300,000 km: 1 dose x4