MIHEL EP500 FP - dodatek do pomp paliwa i wtryskiwaczy

MIHEL EP500 FP - fuel pump and injector additive

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Highly effective preparation designed to protect and revitalize fuel pumps and injectors. An innovative formula consisting of nanoparticles with high surface activity creates a durable, stable ceramic-metal protective coating on the metal structure with low resistance coefficients and excellent thermal conductivity properties.

This fuel additive is suitable for use with all types of gasoline and diesel oils: 95, 98, LPG, ON, and BIO. It significantly reduces friction and provides consistent protection to components, virtually eliminating their wear process.

Regular use significantly extends the lifespan of fuel pumps and injectors.

It ensures protection for 75,000 miles / 120,000 kilometers.

Why is it worth using?

It regenerates and prolongs the lifespan of the fuel pump Cleans injectors and improves their performance Facilitates starting a cold engine Lubricates and maintains the fuel system Reduces fuel consumption Balances the engine's operation

    Usage instructions

    Usage instructions
    Step 1
    The application of MIHEL EP 500 FP should be conducted according to the instructions provided in the table. Do not exceed the recommended doses.
    Step 2
    The appropriate amount of the preparation should be applied to the fuel inlet. It's important that before carrying out this procedure, the engine reaches its operating temperature.
    Step 3
    After applying the preparation, close the fuel inlet cap and start the engine. After this step, you can operate the vehicle normally.
    Step 4
    Full protection of the fuel pump and engine injectors will occur after driving 1000 km / 650 miles from the last application.
    Product dosage

    Product dosage

    60 liters of fuel
    1/2 dose of the product
    120 liters of fuel
    1 dose of the product