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MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 7200 10W40 1L



Synthetic Oil with Nanoceramic Technology

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 7200 10W40 is an innovative ceramic oil that represents the latest achievement in lubricant technology. Thanks to the unique technology combining base oils and additive packages with nanoceramic components, this oil exhibits significantly improved physicochemical properties compared to traditional engine oil.


MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 7200

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 7200

Ceramic Oil Ensuring Peak Performance

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 7200 10W40 is an innovative oil designed to deliver maximum performance for your engine, ensuring immediate start-up even in extremely low temperatures. It provides protection for modern engines requiring SAE10W-40 specification oil, even under high loads. Keeping the entire engine lubrication system clean, it offers corrosion protection even during extended oil change intervals.

This oil surpasses the technological capabilities of lubricants currently used in modern engines. This is due to the remarkable properties of ceramics, forming a protective coating with extremely low friction coefficients and resistance to extremely high temperatures on the rubbing surfaces.

Its full capabilities manifest after driving 2000 km. At this point, it significantly reduces friction and guarantees protection for individual powertrain components.

Recommended for use in systems with LPG/CNG fuel setups, this year-round synthetic engine oil is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines with direct fuel injection, turbocharging, and multi-valve systems.

Highest Level of Protection

The technology utilized in MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 7200 10W40 aims to reduce operational costs while ensuring compliance with the most stringent requirements and restrictions set by engine manufacturers that demand adherence to the ACEA A3/B3 standard. Advanced additive packages within the oil ensure engine cleanliness and increased durability for powertrain components.

This product harnesses the innovative properties of nanoceramics to smooth the surfaces of the engine's moving parts, reducing friction and wear, thereby enhancing mechanical efficiency. Its high ignition temperature limits oxidation and oil consumption, particularly in extreme temperatures and under increased engine stress conditions.

Specifications and Approvals


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