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MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 8100 5W30 5L



Synthetic Oil with Nanoceramic Technology

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 8100 5W30 is a top-quality lubricant created by blending base oils and an additive package that includes, among other components, nanoceramic elements. This combination has given rise to a synthetic engine oil distinguished by excellent physicochemical properties - significantly superior to traditional formulations.


MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 8100

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 8100

Ceramic Oil Ensuring Peak Performance

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 8100 5W30 exemplifies a modern technological solution recommended for use in contemporary engines. The exceptional properties of ceramics ensure the highest level of protection for the power unit. This oil forms a protective layer inside the system with very low friction coefficients and resistance to extremely high temperatures.

The oil achieves its best properties after driving 2000 km. After this period, it reduces friction and exhibits strong protective properties for engine components.

It excellently shields the system from wear even under extreme operating conditions. The low-ash technology protects the engine from corrosion, prolongs the lifespan of DPF (diesel particulate filters), and keeps the power unit clean.

Highest Level of Protection

The technology utilized in MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 8100 5W30 allows for reducing operating costs while ensuring safety in compliance with the highest requirements and restrictions of ACEA C2 engine manufacturers. This oil is particularly recommended for the PSA group. It harnesses the innovative properties of nanoceramics to smooth the rubbing surfaces of the engine, reducing friction and wear on components, thereby enhancing the mechanical efficiency of the unit.

Advanced additive packages in the oil guarantee engine cleanliness and the most durable oil film. Its high ignition temperature limits oxidation and oil consumption in extreme temperatures and under conditions of increased engine operation.

Specifications and Approvals

PSA B71 2290

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