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MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9120 5W20 5L



Synthetic Oil with Nanoceramic Technology

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9120 5W20 has been enriched with nanoceramic components to enhance its physicochemical properties. The innovative combination of base oils and an additive package has resulted in a lubricant with superior characteristics and performance compared to traditional engine oils. It is a fully synthetic, high-performance SAE 5W20 oil designed for use in modern Ford EcoBoost engines.


MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9120

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9120

Ceramic Oil Ensuring Peak Performance

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9120 5W20 sets an example of top-tier oil that technologically surpasses lubricants currently used in modern engines. Its unique properties stem from ceramics, extending the lifespan of the power unit. Ceramic particles form a protective layer on rubbing surfaces characterized by extremely low friction coefficients and resistance to very high temperatures.

It reaches its full potential after driving 2000 km, significantly reducing friction.

This high-quality universal oil, based on PAO (polyalphaolefin) technology, diminishes fuel consumption in modern gasoline and diesel engines. Through advanced production technologies and specifically formulated compositions, this oil demonstrates exceptional shear stability, creating highly durable bonds between hydrocarbon chains. It exhibits remarkable oil film stability at high temperatures and under extreme engine loads.

Highest Level of Protection

It utilizes the innovative properties of nanoceramics to smooth the rubbing surfaces of the engine, reducing friction and wear, thereby enhancing mechanical efficiency. The advanced formulation of the oil minimizes the risk of low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI). MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9120 5W20 has been designed for turbocharged gasoline engines with direct fuel injection (GDI).

This oil meets the requirements of the ACEA C5 standard. The technology applied in the oil helps reduce operating costs and ensures compliance with the highest requirements and restrictions of engine manufacturers. It's particularly recommended for the Jaguar and Land Rover group as well.

Specifications and Approvals

WSS M2C 948 A
WSS M2C 948 B
WSS M2C 925 A
WSS M2C 952 B

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