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MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9200 5W30 1L



Synthetic Oil with Nanoceramic Technology

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9200 5W30 represents the latest advancement in engine oil technology. This lubricant demonstrates significantly improved physicochemical properties compared to traditional synthetic oils. This is all due to its unique formula - a blend of base oils and additives that include nanoceramic components.


MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9200

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9200

Ceramic Oil Ensuring Peak Performance

The exceptional properties of ceramics make this oil stand out among other lubricants available in the market. The nanoceramic components extend the lifespan of the power unit by creating a protective coating on rubbing surfaces with extremely low friction coefficients and high resistance to extremely high temperatures.

The synthetic engine oil MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9200 5W30 reaches its full potential after driving 2000 km. Upon reaching this distance, it significantly reduces friction between components, ensuring the highest level of protection.

Low-ash technology prolongs the lifespan of diesel particulate filters (DPF), maintains the entire unit's cleanliness, and provides corrosion protection even with extended engine intervals according to the Long Life standard.

It's a fully synthetic, year-round oil classified as "low SAPS" – "low ash" designed for modern gasoline and diesel engines equipped with DPF systems. Particularly recommended for vehicles with catalytic converters and turbocharged engines. This oil meets the requirements of the ACEA C3 standard.

Highest Level of Protection

Regular use of MIHEL Ceramic Oil® 9200 5W30 helps reduce operating costs and ensures compliance with the highest requirements and restrictions of engine manufacturers such as VAG, BMW, Daimler-Benz, and GM. Advanced additive packages in this lubricant ensure engine cleanliness and enhance the durability of specific engine components.

This oil possesses a high ignition temperature, which limits oxidation and oil consumption in extreme temperatures and under conditions of increased engine operation.

Specifications and Approvals

BMW Longlife-04
GM dexos2
VW 502 00/505 00/505 01
MB-Freigabe 229.39, 229.51, 229.52

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