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MIHEL Ceramic Oil® Racing 5W50 1L



Synthetic Oil with Nanoceramic Technology

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® Racing 5W50 is designed for use in sports cars. It stands out for its excellent physicochemical properties, surpassing traditional formulations available on the market. This oil is a result of a blend of base oils and an additive package, with particular attention given to nanoceramic components. Thanks to their exceptional properties, the oil precisely adheres to rubbing surfaces, forming a protective coating with extremely low friction coefficients and high resistance to extremely high temperatures.


MIHEL Ceramic Oil® Racing

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® Racing

Ceramic Oil Ensuring Peak Performance

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® Racing 5W50 is an innovative, fully synthetic oil based on PAO (polyalphaolefin) technology, designed for motorsports to provide top-notch engine protection in high-performance engines. Through the application of advanced production technology and a specially formulated composition, this oil exhibits extreme shear resistance, forming incredibly durable bonds between hydrocarbon chains, resulting in exceptional stability of the oil film even under extreme loads on the track.

After covering a distance of 2000 km, the oil fully demonstrates its properties, contributing to friction reduction and ensuring engine protection.

Highest Level of Protection

MIHEL Ceramic Oil® Racing 5W50 is a high-performance SAE 5W50 oil designed for high-stress engines in sports cars, requiring a high dynamic viscosity index (HTHS) and shear resistance. It harnesses the innovative properties of nanoceramics to smooth the engine's rubbing surface structure, reducing friction and wear, thereby enhancing mechanical efficiency.

The advanced formulation of the oil ensures an incredibly durable lubricating film even at very high operating temperatures. MIHEL Ceramic Oil® Racing 5W50 has been designed with the input of technologists and drivers during test drives at the Nürburgring track.

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